librsvg 2.51.3


The big news is that rsvg-convert is now aware of physical units, and
fixes a bug where PDFs were created at the wrong size.  Do you need to
render an SVG in a PDF file, scaled to 10x10 cm, placed at a certain
position of a landscape A4 page?

  rsvg-convert --format=pdf \
    --page-width=297mm --page-height=210mm \
    --width=10cm --height=10cm --keep-aspect-ratio \
    --top=5cm --left=8cm \
    foo.svg > foo.pdf

Please see the rsvg-convert(1) man page for more details and plenty of

SVG2 features:

Markers now implement orient="auto-start-reverse".  The work on
markers is by Madds H., who is doing their Outreachy internship for

All the <filter-function> types in SVG2 are now supported, thanks to
John Ledbetter.

- The Minimum Supported Rust Version (MSRV) is now Rust 1.52.  This
  takes care of CVE-2021-28878 in the Rust standard library.

- #514 - rsvg-convert is now aware of physical units.

- #484 - Markers can now have orient="auto-start-reverse" per SVG2
  (Madds H - Outreachy internship).

- #711 - Implement the drop-shadow() filter function (John Ledbetter).

- #713 - Implement the hue-rotate() filter function (John Ledbetter).

- #677 - rsvg-convert, do not clip the rightmost/bottomost pixels of
  an image with partial pixel coverage.

- Partial fix for #668 - Render small caps for fonts that support the
  "smcp" OpenType feature.  Librsvg and Pango are not yet able to
  synthesize small caps for fonts that do not support them, but for
  those that do, they should work fine now.

- #566 - Restrict which elements can appear inside a clipPath, to be
  spec compliant.

- #746 - Possible cairo_save() without cairo_restore() in render_layer().

- Various updates to the developer's documentation.

======== (22.1M)
  sha256sum: 4f83d40484bd69d1944d203090b50b812ec6aa553195e4f6d67d03d135897c7f

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