gtk 4.3.1


* GtkEmojiChooser:
 - Update data from CLDR 39
 - Load Emoji data for both language and territory

* GtkCalendar:
 - Fix an off-by-one error in day numbers

* GtkListView:
 - Add .activatable style class to activatable items

* GtkCheckButton:
 - Don't allow unchecking grouped radio buttons

 - Fix mnemonic activation propagation

* GtkLabel:
 - Make mnemonics work even when invisible
 - Fix mnemonic activation propagation

* GtkMenuButton:
 - Add a property to mark primary menus and make F10 work

* GtkApplication:
 - Fix initial screensaver state async

* GtkEntry:
 - Apply xalign to placeholder text (as it was in GTK 3)

* GtkSpinButton:
 - Fix swipe gestures

* GtkStackSwitcher:
 - Implement GtkOrientable (as it was in GTK 3)
 - Fix a use-after-free problem with drag timeouts

* GtkFileChooser:
 - Add support for (case-insensitive) suffix matches in GtkFileFilter

* GtkPasswordEntry:
 - Make GtkPasswordEntryBuffer public, to make it easier
   to write your own password entry widget

* Input:
 - Fix interference between various obscure XKB features
   (e.g. overlays) and Compose sequences

* Action support:
 - Fix submenu-action handling

* Theme:
 - Update icons from the Adwaita icon theme
 - Fix icon names for GtkSwitch
 - Fix switch-off icon

* GSK:
 - Improve transformed offscreen rendering
 - Add padding between cached glyphs

* Wayland:
 - Fix monitor sizes in the presence of transforms
 - Add a getter for the EGLDisplay
 - Fix click-drag-release sequences for popovers

* X11:
 - Support EGL for X11. Fall back to GLX if EGL isn't available
 - Always fall back to GLX on NVidia
 - Add a getter for the EGLDisplay

* Broadway:
 - Add a setter for display scale

* Windows:
 - Add a getter for the EGLDisplay
 - Make GL work for media playback

* MacOS:
 - Fix menubar appearance

* Tools:
 - gtk4-builder-tool: Replace can-focus with focusable in 3-to-4 conversion

* Introspection:
 - Add missing annotations in a few places (e.g. gtk_free_view_row_activated)

* Build:
 - Only build one source file with -mf16c
 - Fix devel styling for ci flatpak builds
 - Generate appdata for demo flatpaks

* Docs:
 - Numerous fixes and additions

* Translation updates:
 Norwegian Bokmål

======== (25.4M)
  sha256sum: 495c1f4c3479174f0989c6842ec0cc20f68a065cd47712dbec0ae795208b62de

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