gnome-software 40.2


Released: 2021-06-04

This is a stable release with the following changes:
 * Avoid spurious polkit prompts by the PackageKit plugin for background operations
 * Handle NULL OS name or version
 * Fix a crash related to version history gathering
 * Fix a crash when a Flatpak component had been renamed
 * Improve error reporting when low on disk space for Flatpak
 * Fix a deadlock after Flatpak changes from the command line
 * Fix list of alternative application sources to not show duplicates
 * Fix application icon loading for already cached icons
 * Fix crash loading empty DEP-11 data
 * Fix update of related Flatpak runtimes
 * Fix automatic download of pending updates
 * Consider only critical updates as important

Translation updates:
 * Basque
 * Bokmål, Norwegian
 * Catalan
 * Friulian
 * Occitan (post 1500)

======== (2.95M)
  sha256sum: cbd1dd2a0bafc3f53dde42003c4a4a03746cb8d64dc5d27eb8dbe6736ee72796

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