NetworkManager 1.32.6


Overview of changes since NetworkManager-1.32.4

* core: fix adding stale local routes when address changes.
* initrd: tag generated profiles with origin in user data.
* core: introduce "allowed-connections" option to disallow
  profiles on a device. This allows to filter out profiles
  that originate from initrd.
* core: introduce "keep-configuration" device option to forcefully
  activate a profile on start.
* dhcp: handle filename/bootfile_name DHCP option and write it to
  device state file for initrd/kickstart.
* initrd: add "ib.pkey=" command line option

======== (5.01M)
  sha256sum: 3d2746051f3b332940ac29354e01691159d46783d72fd232bd36e98228ce5a09

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