NetworkManager 1.30.6


Overview of changes since NetworkManager-1.30.4

* By default, don't touch existing traffic control (TC) configuration
  on devices.
* Send ARP announcements only when the interface gets carrier.
* Support the 'peer_notif_delay' bond option.
* Always start DHCPv6 on the default interface when an IPv6 prefix
  delegation is needed.
* Prefer the IPv4 address to determine the system hostname via address
* Support DHCP option 249 (Microsoft classless static route) with the
  internal nettools client.
* Force a restart of hostname resolution via DNS on signal SIGUSR1
  when resolv.conf is not managed by NetworkManager.
* Fix adding duplicate iptables rules for shared mode.
* Fix parsing of Wi-Fi Information Element (IE) for Microsoft Network
* Fix parsing of empty DHCP option 40 (NIS domain name) in the
  internal nettools client.
* Other various bugfixes.

======== (5.06M)
  sha256sum: fe9f916142a3800098bba1023dd114087bf53bce74cdcefcff0c27c649c11ef2

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