orca 41.alpha



 * Improve handling of accessible-event floods from apps

 * Fix bug in announcing selected items in icon views


 * Improve recovery from destruction of current object

 * Improve performance in response to caret-moved events

 * Fix crash resulting from subtree becoming hidden

 * Fix bug in toolbar browse-mode navigation

 * Fix bug causing a live region event to be ignored

 * Fix bug causing us to incorrectly switch to browse mode in VSCode

 * Ensure we present caret-moved events after Alt+Tabbing into web app

 * Don't repeat posinset and setsize for multi-line list items

 * Don't announce unselected state of grid cells/rows in browse mode

 * Don't announce row and column count when they are both 0

 * Fix braille presentation of grid cell in browse mode

 * Improve browse-mode navigation of trees and tree tables

 * Eliminate some chattiness entering elements with a caption

 * Prevent double-presentation of description for alerts


 * Fix regression presenting plain-text messages in Thunderbird

 * Work around missing events from Evolution Add Accounts


 * Work around missing state-changed:focused event that caused
   caret-moved events in documents to be ignored


 * Ensure we enable/disable speech based on app-specific settings

 * punctuation: Spell left/right_double_angle at level "most"

 * Do not add mark within numbers (some synthesizers present numbers
   incorrectly otherwise)

 * Do not set language if it is empty (breaks output in older versions
   of speech-dispatcher)

Mouse Review:

 * Check if we have Wnck in activate() so we don't spew errors

 * Gracefully handle lack of pointer

New and updated translations (THANKS EVERYONE!!!):

  es              Spanish                   Daniel Mustieles
  es              Spanish                   Francisco Javier Dorado
  fi              Finnish                   Jiri Grönroos
  fr              French                    Charles Monzat
  he              Hebrew                    Yaron Shahrabani
  ne              Nepali                    Pawan Chitrakar
  nl              Dutch                     Nathan Follens
  oc              Occitan                   Quentin PAGÈS
  pt_BR           Brazilian Portuguese      Tiago Casal
  sv              Swedish                   Anders Jonsson


https://download.gnome.org/sources/orca/41/orca-41.alpha.changes  (10.7K)

https://download.gnome.org/sources/orca/41/orca-41.alpha.tar.xz (3.47M)
  sha256sum: 4c5c54ce08529927c528f7aa494f711e7aae7d6804a2e0e9a650ea674c0976f8

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