epiphany 41.alpha


Epiphany now depends on libsoup-3.0 and webkit2gtk-4.1 by default (!921, !957).
If you're not yet ready for this, you can build with -Dsoup2=enabled for now,
but we'll probably remove this fallback pretty soon. libsoup-3.0 and
webkit2gtk-4.1 add support for HTTP/2.

 * User smaller address bar font in narrow mode (#1172)
 * The address bar dropdown now supports various useful filters (#1461)
 * Move Firefox Sync to toplevel window menu (#1470)
 * Update to highlight.js 11.0.0 (#1480, #1501, !966, Jim Mason)
 * Highlight base domain in address bar (#1540)
 * Use actual reader mode fonts in preferences dialog (!912)
 * Update to PDF.js 2.6.347 (!924)
 * Minimize delays when toggling fullscreen mode (!939)
 * Use French quotes in St-Exupéry quotation (!950, Guillaume Bernard)
 * Fix various small memory leaks (!958)
 * Kill web process when it is unresponsive for too long (!965)
 * Add new keyboard shortcuts (!969, Vanadiae)
 * Improvements to bookmarks properties view (!978, Vanadiae)
 * Display WebKit Subversion revision for non-tarball builds (!982, Philippe Normand)

https://download.gnome.org/sources/epiphany/41/epiphany-41.alpha.tar.xz (5.10M)
  sha256sum: 0678418aa519a3b59ff5934b055daef58417362dac955440d16f91527d3f8e75

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