ghex 4.alpha.2

About GHex

GHex is a hex editor for the GNOME desktop.

GHex can load raw data from binary files and display them for editing
in the traditional hex editor view. The display is split in two
columns, with hexadecimal values in one column and the ASCII
representation in the other. A useful tool for working with raw data.


As can be seen from the git logs, many commits have been made since 4.alpha.1.
The plurality of the effort went into getting as close as possible to an
API/ABI I'm happy with respect to libgtkhex, and documenting same. To that end,
the GtkHex widget has been renamed to HexWidget, so that we don't pollute the
GTK namespace. I recognize that this has been its name for 20+ years, but since
this is a new impending major release, API can be broken. It is not part of GTK
and never has been, so placing it under that namespace was confusing.

I was on the fence about calling this a beta, but there have been so many
changes, so I'll let things cook for a bit and ensure that the API is where I
want it to be for libgtkhex 4.0.0 before declaring a beta and being in an API

Changes and Bugfixes (Logan Rathbone):

- lib: Rename GtkHex to HexWidget
- lib/docs: Initial API documentation (gi-docgen required)
- GUI/settings: support quadwords grouping
- lib/app: asynchronous APIs for many operations, and integrate with
  application features
- Error handling improvements
- HexBufferIface: Standardize on GFile when it comes to file handling
- HexWidget: Rework the "busy" spinner to be at the widget level
- lib: Rework data types so that we have a minimum cursor pos and file
  size that works with files larger than 2 GB
- HexBufferMmap: improvements, fixes and optimizations
- HexWidget: dynamically sized offset column, and fix calculation of offset
  cols required (#41; thanks to Jonas Stein for reporting)
- findreplace: watch/busy feedback and cancellable
- converter: a11y update
- meson: add `introspection` and `gtk_doc` options
- meson: remove `experimental-mmap` option; replace with `buffer-backend` (with
  mmap being the new default, where supported; see meson_options.txt)
- lib: Make some raw structs into boxed types for GI
- HexWidget: restore hex_widget_set_geometry API
- Various code cleanups and miscellaneous bugfixes

Translation Updates:

- Yuri Chornoivan (uk)
- Enrico Nicoletto (pt_BR)
- Piotr Drąg (update

======== (1.73M)
  sha256sum: e5af6c19a8334839a643ff6e3b675a0d713621ae3cdc19316bc240f24d55cc33

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