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About gitg

gitg is a graphical user interface for git. It aims at being a small,
fast and convenient tool to visualize the history of git repositories.
Besides visualization, gitg also provides several utilities to manage
your repository and commit your work.


Manage if there's no textconv config
Convert to text using gitattributes config
Side by side diff text renderers
Read setup for smart commits from git config
Show diff stats only on text renderer
Put image renderer first on stack
Allow to diff images as text if its mime type supports it
Add new-window action to desktop file
Fix the ninja call in one of the building guides
TextView needs to be wrapped in a scroll view
fix libgitg-date test package failure
Use GUri instead of SoupURI
Avoid return null if old or new file fails to load
Properly mark "head" parameter of ActionSupport.stash_if_needed() as nullable
References of [GtkChild] fields is handled by GtkBuilder, type must be unowned
Install correctly devel profile
Icon honor profile
Lane indicator line width set to 0.
Option to switch to the newly created branch
Remote branches can be checked out using double-click.
Add shortcuts for history panels
Give some button alt key
Ctrl+O shortcut does not work
Add missing Preferences shortcut
Do not follow symlinks on recursive scan
Local branch checkout using double-click.
Lower the importance of missing gravatars from "warning" to "debug"
Replace with URLs
Replace with URLs
fix CSS warning on MacOS
Fix libgitg compile on macOS
fixup! Honor prepare-commit-msg hook
Remove unnecessery Shift key from a shortcut
Access host XDG_CONFIG_HOME/git from flatpak
Rely on libgit for global config file(s)
Avoid shell injection on hooks
Avoid G_LOG_DOMAIN redefinition on contrib code
Fix deprecation for const
Honor prepare-commit-msg hook
Escape subject commit text
preferences-interface: Disable gravatar loading by default
Add message history to commit dialog
Activities can process key events
Update shortcut dialog
Revert "Update GtkSourceView dependency"
Fix vapi for gtksourceview
Adding current gtksourceview vapi files
config for fonts
Don't ellipsize commit subject
Avoid duplicating Signed-off-by signature
Consider author and committer when filtering
Setup editorconfig
on close, selection should display back the gear menu
add "RevisionControl" to desktop file Categories
GitgHistory.RefRow: Don't assume that every GgitSignature has a time
Allow loading of gravatar by default
Change gtkspell3 to gspell
vala: Remove obsolete vapi files
Remove submodules config

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