librsvg 2.52.5

About librsvg

Librsvg takes SVG documents and renders them into Cairo contexts. It
is used throughout GNOME to render things like scalable icons, in
image viewers to view SVGs easily, or to generate thumbnails for SVG
files. Other projects like Wikimedia and ImageMagick use librsvg for
their SVG rendering needs. Librsvg exports its API through GObject
Introspection, so bindings for other programming languages can be
created for it in an automated fashion.


Just bugfixes this time:

- #812 - Fix mangled output in rsvg-convert when redirecting output to
  a pipe on Windows (Michael Howell).

- #766 - When outputting to SVG, rsvg-convert now uses the
  width/height units specified in the command line; it always used
  pixels before (Daniel Petri Rocha).

- #814 - Fix incorrect top/left margins for SVG/PS/EPS/PDF output
  (Daniel Petri Rocha).

- #599 - Fix incorrect placement of glyphs when text has non-uniform
  scaling in the X/Y axes.  This is not a librsvg bug, but is fixed by
  Pango 1.49.3 and later.  Hopefully Pango 1.48.11 will be released
  soon with this fix as well.  Note that this release of librsvg
  cannot increase the minimum Pango version to 1.48.11 because it is
  not released yet.


- Updated crate dependencies: assert_cmd, cast, clap cssparser,
  float-cmp, itertools, nalgebra, png, proptest, rctree, selectors,

======== (22.2M)
  sha256sum: 407cbbab518137ea18a3f3220bea180fbee75f3e5bd6ba10a7a862c1a6f74d82

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