cantarell-fonts 0.303

About Cantarell Fonts

The Cantarell font family is a contemporary Humanist sans serif
originally designed for on-screen reading by Dave Crossland.

You are invited to extend them to meet your needs, such as to add the
glyphs missing from your own writing systems, under the terms of the


- Actually update the version number in the fonts. D'oh.

- Maintenance release: Make the variable font the default, only build statics
  on demand. Also build two packages with variable and static fonts. Packagers
  can chose the statics package if they run into problems with the variable font,
  but you should probably not install both at the same time.
- Amended OS/2 super- and subscript values so that new Pango can use them properly.
- Update production names for Jacute, bulletoperator, commercialMinusSign,
  divisionslash, notidentical, ringcomb_acutecomb and
- New appstream translations:
  - Belarusian by Alexey Razumov
  - Updated Portuguese by Hugo Carvalho
  - Bulgarian by Alexander Shopov

======== (239K)
  sha256sum: dc727e7556188f5709fdaff2eb3e521a765735ac9c7f8dc8c01b7aa073f76077

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