phosh 0.14.1


Released: December 2021
* Show avatars during phone calls on lockscreen
* Allow for DTMF during phone calls on lockscreen
* Improve docked mode when phone screen is off
* Improve thumbnails in overview
* Add initial "Run command" prompt (Alt-F2)
* Plenty of bug fixes and cleanups
* Contributors: Evangelos Ribeiro Tzaras, Sebastian Krzyszkowiak, Florian Loers,
  Dorota Czaplejewicz, Hunman, Pablo Barciela, Guido Günther
* UI translations:
        Anders Jonsson (sv)
        Luna Jernberg (sv)
        Yuri Chornoivan (uk)

======== (543K)
  sha256sum: 94fd44537e364409552ffaee34a97569dfcb87565ca0ea158f43454584a5603e

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