libadwaita 1.0.0.beta.1

About libadwaita

libadwaita is a collection of GTK widgets for adaptive applications
targeting form-factors from mobile to desktop. It also offers
innovative widgets following the GNOME design guidelines.


- Build
  - Depend on GTK 4.5.0.
  - Depend on GLib 2.66.
  - Fix building as a subproject.
  - Remove unused dependencies.
- Introduce AdwToastOverlay for showing in-app notifications
- Introduce AdwAnimation - a basic animation API
  - AdwTimedAnimation provides simple time-based animations.
  - AdwSpringAnimation provides flexible animations based on spring
  - Replace adw_ease_out_cubic() with adw_easing_ease().
  - Make adw_lerp() public.
- adw_init() now automatically calls gtk_init().
- Use G_DEFINE_FINAL_TYPE if available.
- Action Row
  - Increase spacing between title and subtitle.
- Carousel
  - Use spring animations for scrolling, replace animation-duration with
  - Remove adw_carousel_scroll_to_full(), add 'animate' parameter to
    adw_carousel_scroll_to() instead.
- Flap
  - Use spring animations for reveal, replace reveal-duration with
- Leaflet
  - Rename can-swipe-back/forward to can-navigate-back/forward, make
    them handle mouse back/forward buttons, back/forward keys, as well
    as Alt+arrow shortcuts.
  - Make child transitions use spring animations, replace
    child-transition-duration with child-transition-params.
- Preferences Page
  - Remove adaptive margins - they never worked properly.
- Preferences Window
  - Rename can-swipe-back to can-navigate-back, following the equivalent
    AdwLeaflet change.
  - Add API to show toasts.
- Swipe Tracker
  - Move 'begin-swipe' signal to when the swipe actually starts instead
    of when it's detected; add 'prepare' to replace it.
  - Replace duration with velocity in the 'end-swipe' signal.
- Status Page
  - Update title label style.
- Style Manager
  - Set GtkSettings:gtk-application-prefer-dark-theme=true for dark.
  - Properly reset enable-animations.
- Stylesheet
  - New style classes
    - entry.success to match entry.warning and entry.error
    - Generic .success to match .warning and .error.
    - checkbutton.selection-mode
  - Tweak accent color in dark variant, use accent_color/accent_bg_color
    more consistently.
  - Consistently support regular/bg/fg variants for success, warning
    and error colors.
  - Make menu items taller.
  - Make checked buttons more visible.
  - Update entry style.
  - Update GtkTreeView and GtkColumnView header style.
  - Tweak check button style.
  - Update window and popover shadows.
  - Make boxed lists use shadows as well.
  - Use white accent color for .osd.
  - Use tabular figures for GtkCalendar.
  - Support .navigation-sidebar in combination with .background.
  - Remove the GtkButton .outline class.
  - Remove .content-view check buttons.
  - Fix check hover styles in menus.
- Tab Bar
  - Fix needs-attention indicators.
- Tab View
  - Remove shortcut-widget, use managed shortcuts instead.
- View Stack
  - Layout fixes
  - Remove crossfade transition.
- View Switcher
  - Update styles.
  - Fix measure() criticals.
  - Fix a crash when hiding the visible child.
  - Fix outlines in high contrast mode.
- View Switcher Title:
  - Always hide switcher in mobile.
- Various fixes and cleanups.
- Translation updates:
  - Russian
  - Spanish
  - Swedish
  - Ukrainian

======== (452K)
  sha256sum: bd49c7011187c8558bc693257c0537961b784b8eefd00ee4f1e69359af11b046

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