gnome-boxes 41.2

About GNOME Boxes

A simple GNOME 3 application to manage virtual systems


Changes since 41.1

  - Update to the list of downloadable operating systems
  - Fix an issue causing VMs to have no sound
  - Fix an issue preventing users from configuring 3D acceleration
  - Added/updated/fixed translations:
    - Basque
    - Catalan
    - Latvian
    - Occitan
    - Russian
    - Serbian
    - Slovak
    - Vietnamese

All contributors to this release:

Aleksandr Melman <Alexmelman88 gmail com>
Asier Sarasua Garmendia <asiersarasua ni eus>
Dušan Kazik <prescott66 gmail com>
Felipe Borges <felipeborges gnome org>
Jordi Mas <jmas softcatala org>
Ngọc Quân Trần <vnwildman gmail com>
Quentin PAGÈS <pages_quentin hotmail com>
Rūdolfs Mazurs <rudolfs mazurs gmail com>
Марко Костић <marko m kostic gmail com>

======== (1.54M)
  sha256sum: bb71b6cdf9453818f26e55744e5e5950dd932793d0e8eb7e9ff87bf0cbefc33d

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