gnome-software 41.2

About gnome-software

GNOME Software is for installing, removing and updating software.


Released: 2021-12-03

This is a stable release with the following changes:
 * Fix a crash when processing age ratings
 * Reload application details only when not installing/removing the application
 * Do not follow symlinks when calculating disk size usage
 * Fix addons section, which could show addons for different application

This release also updates translations:
 * Bulgarian
 * Catalan
 * Croatian
 * English (United Kingdom)
 * German
 * Latvian
 * Occitan (post 1500)

======== (3.09M)
  sha256sum: 384addacc8784253a87971814b0792fbd2c941fa448b0f9438bbf574982ccc17

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