gdl 3.40.0

About gdl

GDL adds dockable widgets to GTK+. The user can rearrange those
widgets by drag and drop and layouts can be saved and loaded.
Currently it is used by anjuta, inkscape, gtranslator and others.


* Center dock item button images (Thomas Holder)
* Fix build problem on macOS (Ruben Di Battista)
* Fix tab reordering (S├ębatien Granjoux)

* Translation: ca (Jordi Mas)
* Translation: uk (Yuri Chornoivan)
* Translation: nl (Nathan Follens)

======== (522K)
  sha256sum: 3641d4fd669d1e1818aeff3cf9ffb7887fc5c367850b78c28c775eba4ab6a555

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