gnome-text-editor 41.beta1

About Text Editor

Text Editor is a simple editor for GNOME focused on being a good
general purpose default editor.


Text Editor 41.beta1 contains a number of new features and bug
fixes since our previous release.

 • Spellcheck improvements
 • Design updates
 • Auto-save resilience improvements
 • Fixes for monitoring files to changes
 • Preferences panel is now integrated into the window
 • You can now select different style schemes
 • Search bar bug fixes
 • Translation updates
 • Use new buffer scheduler API in GtkSourceView for background operations

======== (228K)
  sha256sum: 00f19f44bf09f33bde53a7b839573d8b2e50cbc71f1e7be91cefdba1c65a2a38

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