gobject-introspection 1.69.0

About GObject Introspection

GObject introspection provides tools and libraries to help manage its
common metadata format for representing GObject-based C APIs, designed
for bindings, documentation tools and API verification.


* Fix build when gobject-introspection is a subproject :mr:`266`
* Add more float types :issue:`384`, :mr:`269`
* Make test suite work with cross-related options :issue:`227`
* Fix several leaks found by Coverity :mr:`272`
* Fix enum member c:identifier :mr:`264`
* Add g-ir-doc-tool man page :mr:`284`
* Export warnlib sources as variables :mr:`287`
* Update the GLib annotations :mr:`288`
* Add "final" class attribute :mr:`257`, :mr:`291`
* Add option to make .gir files installation paths configurable :mr:`63`
* Handle constructors with mismatched GTypes :issue:`399`, :mr:`292`
* Add property accessors annotations :issue:`13`, :mr:`279`

https://download.gnome.org/sources/gobject-introspection/1.69/gobject-introspection-1.69.0.tar.xz (1006K)
  sha256sum: c668cbe4a3aad7539e2cf669ab576ce7fbadac6890472f4095ca215dbbebee99

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