libsoup 2.74.0

About libsoup

libsoup is an HTTP client/server library for GNOME. It uses GObjects
and the GLib main loop, to integrate well with GNOME applications.


        * IMPORTANT: Enable ssl-use-system-ca-file by default on deprecated
          Sync and Async sessions [Patrick Griffis]
          See here for details:

        * Fix including headers in C++ projects [Patrick Griffis]

        * Fix attempting to resolve relative paths with data URIs [Ryan Gonzalez]

        * Support Content-Disposition headers without a disposition-type [Patrick Griffis]

        * Fix building VAPI bindings with latest Vala [Rico Tzschichholz]

        * Fix sending a Content-Length header in a response with status code of 1xx or 204
          [Ignacio Casal Quinteiro]

        * Updated translations: Occitan, Persian, Nepali, Belarusian, Greek, British English,

======== (1.43M)
  sha256sum: 33b1d4e0d639456c675c227877e94a8078d731233e2d57689c11abcef7d3c48e

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