gnome-weather 40.1

About gnome-weather

This is a small application that allows you to monitor the current
weather conditions for your city, or anywhere in the world, and to
access updated forecasts provided by various internet services.


* Add corner radius to forecast chart (Vitaly Dyachkov)
* Increase contrast when using dark themes (Björn Daase)

* Bugs fixed:
 - #146 Less info in Celsius than in Fahrenheit (Jessica Tallon)
 - #168 UI not loading when start (CalebCintary)
 - #190 Daily forecast is not correctly showing the lowest temperature (Eric Daigle)
 - !82 Workaround serialization without icao libgweather issue (AsciiWolf)
 - #169 Application does not save location (Jessica Tallon)

* Translation updates:
 - Belarusian
 - Chinese (China)
 - Chinese (Taiwan)
 - Czech
 - English
 - Galician
 - Hebrew
 - Greek
 - Korean
 - Nepali
 - Occitan
 - Slovak
 - Vietnamese

======== (920K)
  sha256sum: 3d11144c4797c46d2068c3ddf5ce2bc030fca0f272cf03f218c4f46da3b73c4d

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