gjs 1.69.2

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GNOME JavaScript bindings


- The TextEncoder and TextDecoder global objects are now available. In most
  cases, these will be able to replace usage of the imports.byteArray module. We
  recommend that new code use TextEncoder and TextDecoder to convert strings to
  UTF-8 encoded Uint8Arrays and vice versa.
  MDN is a good source of information on how to use these APIs:

- The 'console' global object is now available. This is for compatibility with
  Node.js and browser environments, and for familiarity for developers
  accustomed to them. The previously existing print(), printerr(), log(),
  logError() functions continue to exist, and are not deprecated. The console
  methods use GLib structured logging as their backend.

- Cairo.Surface has gained getDeviceScale(), setDeviceScale(),
  getDeviceOffset(), and setDeviceOffset() methods. These wrap the corresponding
  C functions.

- GLib.log_set_writer_func() and GObject.Object.bind_property_full() now work.
  Previously, they had introspection problems.

- There is also a 'console' built-in module which exports functions
  setConsoleLogDomain() and getConsoleLogDomain(), for controlling the GLib
  log domain that the console methods use.

- The debugger has gained a 'set ignoreCaughtExceptions (true/false)' option.
  Previously, when an exception was thrown, the debugger would stop, even if the
  exception was thrown intentionally in order to be caught. With this option,
  which is now the default, the debugger will keep going on exceptions that are
  thrown while inside the scope of a try-catch block.

- Closed bugs and merge requests:

  * Implement WHATWG Encoding specification. [!534, Evan Welsh]
  * cairo-surface: Add setDevice{Offset,Scale} functions [!605, Daniel van Vugt,
    Philip Chimento]
  * WHATWG Console Implementation [!634, Evan Welsh]
  * Add support for GLib.log_set_writer_func [!637, Evan Welsh]
  * Various maintenance [!649, Philip Chimento]
  * examples: improve the gettext example [!651, Sonny Piers]
  * Unable to use bind_property_full [#241, !653, Florian Müllner]
  * Allow continuing for handled exceptions [#431, !655, Florian Müllner]
  * text-encoding.cpp: Fix builds on 64-bit Windows [!656, Chun-wei Fan]

Version 1.68.3

- Crash and bug fixes backported from the development branch.

- Build fixes [Philip Chimento]

- Closed bugs and merge requests:

  * win32: Fix resource-based imports [!652, Evan Welsh]
  * overrides/GLib: Guard Error.new_literal against invalid domains [!654,
    Florian Müllner]

https://download.gnome.org/sources/gjs/1.69/gjs-1.69.2.tar.xz (582K)
  sha256sum: 585a5da6047c509628c25a6929e092b20d2b220583039ed05799fe3e160c58e1

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