calls 41.beta

About Calls

Calls is a dialer for phone calls, initially PSTN calls but eventually
other systems like SIP in future.


Released: 14. August 2021

* Major news items:

 First release with SIP base functionality:
  - Managing SIP Account is now possible from the UI
  - Placing and receiving VoIP calls is now possible from the dial pad

Known Issues/Limitations:
 - If you have multiple active network interfaces funkyness may ensue and 
   you SIP messages are being sucked into a black hole of sorts
 - If things go wrong with a VoIP call for example because your network is down
   more funkyness may ensue

* Translation updates:
 - Catalan (Marc Riera)
 - Esperanto (Kristjan SCHMIDT)
 - Friulian (Fabio Tomat)
 - Italian (antonio)
 - Portuguese (Brazil) (Rafael Fontenelle)
 - Serbian (Мирослав Николић)
 - Swedish (Anders Jonsson)
 - Ukrainian (Yuri Chornoivan)

 There may be some dragons in this release so testing and filed issues would be greatly appreciated :)

======== (161K)
  sha256sum: 3bd5b4bedfe875b067d59b399fdb6462b72bd0a8a3f314d59b9ac8bcc0b2a9f9

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