nautilus 41.beta

About Nautilus

Default file manager for GNOME


* Fix comma placement in the floating status bar (Nick Montalbano)
* Use standard::edit-name attribute where appropriate (Anubhav Tyagi)
* Bring "Open with..." options together in context menu (Luis Bosque)
* Fix "Compress..." acting on file that was not the selected one (Anubhav Tyagi)
* Redesign "Compress..." dialog (Ondrej Holy, Allan Day)
* Provide creation of password-protected ZIP archives (Ondrej Holy)
* Fix search by date not working with Tracker engine (Nishit Patel)
* Add link to Privacy Settings from Trash (Eric Daigle)
* Indicate whether trash automatic emptying is enabled (Eric Daigle)
* Translation updates (GNOME Translation Project contributors)

======== (3.11M)
  sha256sum: bb5bd72a849be258780b2c63eb9f21b9ad480fb87c5a4a14f18063deb84ad318

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