glib-networking 2.70.beta

About glib-networking

glib-networking contains the implementations of certain GLib
networking features that cannot be implemented directly in GLib itself
because of their dependencies.

Currently it contains GnuTLS- and OpenSSL-based implementations of
GTlsBackend, a libproxy-based implementation of GProxyResolver, and a
GNOME GProxyResolver that uses the proxy information from the
GSettings schemas in gsettings-desktop-schemas.


 - gnutls: Ensure that PKCS #11 pins are NUL terminated (!178, Patrick Griffis)
 - openssl: Restore OCSP support (!179, !180, Patrick Griffis)

======== (255K)
  sha256sum: 264c2ba7ce7bbb6899b01e773b1d21085a86b38a12b781ed335908625d4ddf06

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