gnome-connections 41.beta


Changes since 41.alpha

  - New onboarding dialog with instructions to use the app
  - Allow window to shrink
  - Connect to address after adding it
  - Validate server addresses
  - Display connection errors as notifications
  - Add command line option to launch a connection in fullscreen
  - Indicate that a connection is open by showing its thumbnail
  - Various internal refactorings
  - Added/updated/fixed translations:
    - Catalan
    - Friulian
    - German
    - Hebrew
    - Lithuanian
    - Slovenian
    - Spanish

All contributors to this release:

Allan Day <allanpday gmail com>
Aurimas Černius <aurisc4 gmail com>
Daniel Mustieles <daniel mustieles gmail com>
Fabio Tomat <f t public gmail com>
Felipe Borges <felipeborges gnome org>
Jakub Steiner <jimmac gmail com>
Jordi Mas <jmas softcatala org>
Matej Urbančič <mateju src gnome org>
Philipp Kiemle <philipp kiemle gmail com>
Yaron Shahrabani <sh yaron gmail com>

======== (138K)
  sha256sum: 908e32ea71b763cb6c37f8fbd60b450d1f283fb8ace79c39f4ec102800f90cb3

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