gtk+ 3.24.29


* Input:
 - Look for a Compose file in the right place (~/.config/gtk-3.0)
 - Revert some Compose sequence changes (mainly around dead
   acute and apostrophe)
 - Consume all key events during preedit, to avoid unexpected
 - Ignore more modifiers during preedit, to allow using 3rd and
   5th level choosers
 - Fix handling of cursor positions in non-ASCII preedit text

* GtkSpinButton:
 - Interpret localized digits

* GtkScale:
 - Fix sporadic criticals

* GtkScrolledWindow:
 - Cancel overshoot on size changes
 - Avoid criticals with non-overlay scrollbars

* GtkFileChooser:
 - Handle smb mounts better

* GtkListBox:
 - Fix extending multi-selections

* Fix a possible crash in gtk_show_uri

* Wayland:
 - Improve font settings fallback

* X11:
 - Avoid log spam on exit
 - Don't beep on untrusted displays

* OS X:
 - Fix building on OS X 10.11
 - Add gdk-quartz-cocoa-access.h with api that provides
   access to native objects

* Translation updates:

======== (20.4M)
  sha256sum: f57ec4ade8f15cab0c23a80dcaee85b876e70a8823d9105f067ce335a8268caa

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