gjs 1.66.1


- Closed bugs and merge requests:

  * Throws on Unsupported caller allocates [!495, Marco Trevisan]
  * arg: Fix MIN/MAX safe big integer limits [!492, Marco Trevisan]
  * Fix leak when virtual function is unimplemented [!498, Evan Welsh]
  * Cannot compile GJS 1.66.0 on macOS with llvm/clang 10.0.1 [#347, !499,
    Marc-Antoine Perennou]
  * console: fix typo in command-line option [!500, Andy Holmes]
  * Prevent passing null pointers when not nullable [!503, Evan Welsh]
  * Passing fundamentals to functions no longer works [#353, !506, Evan Welsh]

- Fixed examples/clutter.js to work with more recent Clutter [Philip Chimento]

https://download.gnome.org/sources/gjs/1.66/gjs-1.66.1.tar.xz (430K)
  sha256sum: 8d4240455eff642c8bf6d9805077e33e0a60cb2ea13f77a55f7f30c29668344c

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