libmanette 0.2.6


* Project:
 - Move the project to
 - Update the URLs accordingly.
 - Give the project a minimal website:
 - Update the project's description.
* Documentation:
 - Add a documentation.
 - Fix many documentation annotations.
 - Document more symbols.
* Meson:
 - Require Meson 0.53.0.
 - Add the demos option.
 - Add the build-tests and install-tests option.
 - Various code style cleanups and updates.
 - Add a build summary.
* ManetteDevice:
 - Add a missing precondition check to ensure milliseconds is in the
   right range in manette_device_rumble().
 - Throw the full file error code rather than G_FILE_ERROR_FAILED in
   manette_device_new() if the device isn't a gamepad.
* ManetteMapping:
 - Check mapping strings have at least a GUID field and a name field.
 - Use the debug log level for non-programming mapping parsing errors.
 - Make some parsing error messages more explicit.
* ManetteMappingManager:
 - Use a race-free way to check the mapping file deletion.
* Code cleanup:
 - Make license headers have the LGPL footer, not the GPL one.
 - Use #pragma once instead of manual header guards.
 - Use g_auto(), g_autoptr() and g_autofree where possible.
 - Use g_clear_pointer() and g_clear_object() where possible.
 - Use assertions instead of g_return*_if_fail in static functions.
 - Add to document the code, documentation, and commit
   message styles.
 - Give better names to callback functions.
 - Give the namespace_object_ prefix to the finalize functions to match
   the code style.
 - Clean up and simplify the code in many places.
 - Drop platform:Linux from the internal gamepad database.

======== (42.2K)
  sha256sum: 63653259a821ec7d90d681e52e757e2219d462828c9d74b056a5f53267636bac

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