gnome-boxes 3.38.2


Changes since 3.38.2

  - Improve handling of file extensions
  - Update recommended downloads to latest distro releases
  - Update download URLs for GNOME OS
  - Install GNOME OS under the Boxes osinfo custom database
  - Added/updated/fixed translations:
    - Catalan
    - British English
    - Danish
    - Turkish

All contributors to this release:

Ask Hjorth Larsen <asklarsen gmail com>
Bruce Cowan <bruce bcowan me uk>
Emin Tufan Çetin <etcetin gmail com>
Felipe Borges <felipeborges gnome org>
Jordi Mas <jmas softcatala org>

======== (1.58M)
  sha256sum: 54aafd994920ee8fab45eb460c2d3f75c9ae791b14a56440199aaf1fc1b35bfe

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