glib 2.66.3


* Fix awkward bug with `GPollFD` handling in some situations (work by Claudio
  Saavedra and Eugene M) (#1592)

* Fix sending FDs attached to very large D-Bus messages (work by Simon McVittie
  and Giovanni Campagna) (#2074)

* Bugs fixed:
 - #1592 Main loop ignores GPollFD sources when there is at least one source ready with priority higher than 
default one
 - !1720 Backport !1718 “gtrace: Add G_GNUC_PRINTF annotation” to glib-2-66
 - !1721 Backport !1713 “gmain: g_main_context_check() can skip updating polled FD sources” to glib-2-66
 - !1723 Backport !1711 “Fix race in socketclient-slow test” to glib-2-66
 - !1727 Backport !1725 “gdbus: Cope with sending fds in a message that takes multiple writes” to glib-2-66
 - !1736 Backport !1734 “glocalfileinfo: Use a single timeout source at a time for hidden file cache” to 

======== (4.61M)
  sha256sum: 79f31365a99cb1cc9db028625635d1438890702acde9e2802eae0acebcf7b5b1

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