libhandy 1.0.2


- Fix gtk-doc install path.
- Code cleanups.
- HdyCarousel:
  - Fix pages not being drawn until scrolled on X11.
- HdyComboRow:
  - Fix test failures on x86.
- HdyLeaflet and HdyDeck:
  - Fix transition shadow on HiDPI.
- HdySwipeTracker:
  - Fix touchpad swipes not working after pressing a GtkButton.
  - Fix swipes in nested swipeable widgets when started from a GtkButton.
- HdyViewSwitcherTitle:
  - Mark title and subtitle properties as translatable for Glade.
- Translation updates:
  - Catalan

======== (380K)
  sha256sum: 3ad78d0594165c7e8150f662506d386552825e693aa3679744af96bd94dc1c2d

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