libgda 5.2.10


 - MySQL: initial support for JSON type
 - MySQL: test against 8.0
 - GdaParser: remove spaces and enters before next statement, fix 203
 - GdauiSet: fix gdaui_set_source_get_ref_columns() return value, fix #123
 - SqlParser: fix Vala bindings
 - Vala: added missing variadic methods to VAPI
 - Removing Python 2 support to use Python 3 by default
 - Glade catalog and pixmaps installation directory fixed for make distcheck

=========  (2.15K)

======== (12.0M)
  sha256sum: 6f6cdf7b8053f553b907e0c88a6064eb48cf2751852eb24323dcf027792334c8

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