gnome-music 3.37.2

About gnome-music

Music is the new GNOME music playing application.


* Use Gtk.Template for all the Views and remove BaseView
* Prefer Albumartist field for artist search
* Change Artist view selection from artist to song
* Extend Gtk.Template usage for Window
* Deinitialize Grilo on shutdown
* Music now explicitly depends on Pango 1.44 or above
* Flatpak cleanups and updates
* Various widgets style and code cleanups

Bugs fixed:
 Artist view should support music selection (#26)
 In-app notifications need to be dismissable (#259)
 Stop using show_all (#320)
 Crash while searching due to bugs in (#372)
 Crash on start: object 'AttrFontFeatures' has no attribute 'new' (#374)
 Wrong song count in favourite playlist (#376)
 Please stop changing the module search path (#377)
 Use libsoup for art retrieval (#378)
 Music crashes on 'check_smart_playlist_change' call (#382)

Thanks to our contributors this release:
 Ashwani Singh Tanwar

======== (948K)
  sha256sum: d4a89dd9f9e6bb0c6bef1a661cb0ad702d5dae7572a8d54cfa5609db62aedde9

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