librsvg 2.47.2

About librsvg

Librsvg takes SVG documents and renders them into Cairo contexts. It
is used throughout GNOME to render things like scalable icons, in
image viewers to view SVGs easily, or to generate thumbnails for SVG
files. Other projects like Wikimedia and ImageMagick use librsvg for
their SVG rendering needs. Librsvg exports its API through GObject
Introspection, so bindings for other programming languages can be
created for it in an automated fashion.


- Handling of the "result", "in", "in2" attributes in filter
  primitives is slightly stricter now, and spec compliant.  Their
  arguments must be of type CSS custom-ident, so "default", "inherit",
  "initial", and "unset" are disallowed.  Most SVGs should still work

- #542 - Fix infinite loop when processing CSS sibling combinators.

- #408 - feImage filters no longer clip their output to integer

- #504 - Documentation for the Rust crate (available at now has
  API usage examples.

- Debug logs from RSVG_LOG=1 should now be more legible and contain
  better information on invalid CSS.

- Remove link-time workarounds for Rust pre-1.35 (Kleis Auke Wolthuizen).

- Unify internal error types to share the CSS code with gnome-shell.

- Made handling of XML namespaces more spec-compliant.

- Lots of refactoring to start moving away from Cairo internals
  (Paolo Borelli).

======== (12.4M)
  sha256sum: f7437f0724b1a3f7e399e20c4720de0358c7db42b2a749e5ec64e0010502a78b

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