libxml++ 4.9.1

About libxmlplusplus

libxmlplusplus (aka libxml++) is a C++ wrapper for the libxml2 XML
parser library. It has SAX and DOM-like APIs, but does not attempt to
conform exactly to the DOM specification. Its API is simpler than the
underlying libxml2 C API.


* Change ABI name from libxml++-4.0 to libxml++-5.0
  There is also a libxml++-4-0 branch for the libxml++-4.0 ABI,
  which still uses glibmm-2.64.
  And there is a libxml++-3-0 branch for the libxml++-3.0 ABI,
  which still uses glibmm-2.4.
* Build: Remove dependency on glibmm and don't use Glib::ustring
  For now, the API uses an xmlpp::ustring alias of std::string
  where it previously used Glib::ustring.

=========  (354)

======== (986K)
  sha256sum: 80110450fd986c917e3e18388d65a6f90906194e254b3c3284927e3d997172f3

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