gjs 1.58.4

About gjs

GNOME JavaScript bindings


- Now prints a warning when constructing an unregistered object inheriting from
  GObject (i.e. if you forgot to use GObject.registerClass.) In 1.58.2 this
  would throw an exception, which broke some existing code, so that change was
  reverted in 1.58.3. In this version the check is reinstated, but we log a
  warning instead of throwing an exception, so that people know to fix their
  code, but without breaking things.
  NOTE: In 1.64 (the next stable release) the warning will be changed back into
  an exception, because code with this problem can be subtly broken and cause
  unexpected errors elsewhere. So make sure to fix your code if you get this

- Closed bugs and merge requests:
  * GSettings crash fixes [Andy Holmes, !373]

- Memory savings for Cairo objects [Philip Chimento, !374]

- Fix for crash in debug functions [Philip Chimento, !374]

https://download.gnome.org/sources/gjs/1.58/gjs-1.58.4.tar.xz (623K)
  sha256sum: 261a3f666c771d7744965fe71b804fc2c3a3d46a8e3e8d4f7ed5ef97967ebd5f

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