iagno 3.35.3

About iagno

Dominate the board in a classic version of Reversi


There is now a new option (not checked by default) to
highlight the playable tiles (yes, the playable ones,
this time), for making the game easier for newcomers.
In the New Game screen, arrows have been added to the
menubuttons for clarifying a bit what they are. Also,
the window layout has improved on phone-like screens,
with the game name being displayed in a bottom bar. A
final thank to Andre Klapper, for updating user help.

Translations updated:
  Friulian: Fabio Tomat
  German: Tim Sabsch
  Greek: Efstathios Iosifidis
  Lithuanian: Aurimas ńĆernius
  Spanish: Daniel Mustieles

https://download.gnome.org/sources/iagno/3.35/iagno-3.35.3.tar.xz (798K)
  sha256sum: a32a36706b00c0472ef1a5a662cf5713f9677585cdaf4f3422cbef7032e806c4

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