dconf 0.35.1

About dconf

dconf is a simple key/value storage system ideal for storing user


 - Writer service: avoid writing to disk and emitting changed signals
   when write requests do not result in changes to the database (Daniel
   Playfair Cal, !3)
 - build: Drop redundant `install` key from `configure_file()` (Philip
   Withnall, !53)
 - build: Update abicheck.sh script to work with GCC 9 (Diego
   Escalante Urello, !55)
 - build: Update use of link_whole for meson-0.52 (Diego Escalante
   Urello, !54)

https://download.gnome.org/sources/dconf/0.35/dconf-0.35.1.tar.xz (113K)
  sha256sum: b8425c34a6558e360fe94f6abaebdaef3675b0074385be4392ac8ecd1a05bd1e

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