seahorse 3.35.1

About seahorse

Seahorse is a graphical interface for managing and using encryption
keys. Currently it supports PGP keys (using GPG/GPGME) and SSH keys.
Its goal is to provide an easy to use Key Management Tool, along with
an easy to use interface for encryption operations.

Seahorse is integrated into the GNOME Desktop Environment and allows
users to perform operations from their regular applications, like
nautilus or gedit.


 * Replace GtkFileChooserDialog with GtkFileChooserNative
 * Add development profile
 * icon: Create a nightly app icon [!96]
 * pgp: Update documentation for exporting public keys [!98]
 * pgp: Fix segfault when deleting subkeys [#250]
 * pgp: Fix deadlock with trust-model tofu or tofu-pgp [#2]

======== (1.23M)
  sha256sum: a55efec870dba8e85b8526c365a218a0b7c46614644aee4d8f0769534fbca28f

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