simple-scan 3.35.3

About simple-scan

A really easy way to scan both documents and photos from a scanner
(e.g. a flatbed scanner).


  * Move the scanner selection combo from preferences to the home page.
  * Add print option to burger menu.
  * Add preferences button in scan options popover.
  * Remember last Scan type between runs.
  * Move spinner from scan page to scan/stop button.
  * Move preferences location in burger menu.
  * Make scan/stop button change label immediately when it is clicked.
  * Adjust minimum size of scan/stop button to better handle translations.
  * Add prompt to autoload data to avoid bad data making startup impossible.
  * Display an error when no documents found in an ADF scan.
  * Improve handling and debugging of inactive SANE options.
  * Add support for setting brightness and contrast in FIXED format.
  * Fix color scanning on some Brother scanners.
  * Fix preferences mnemonics.
  * Set minimal width and height of the main window.
  * Help improvements.
  * Update README.

======== (822K)
  sha256sum: 6190cf1385149bc38ccee865fabafa45755e555142df84ad3cb6fd9eaf43f3f9

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