gcr 3.35.1

About gcr

GCR is a library for displaying certificates, and crypto UI, accessing
key stores. It also provides the viewer for crypto files on the GNOME

GCK is a library for accessing PKCS#11 modules like smart cards, in a
(G)object oriented way.


- gcr-certificate: Add (virtual) annotation [GNOME/gcr!35, GNOME/gcr#37]
- Always use G_PARAM_STATIC_STRINGS [GNOME/gcr!31]
- Support Meson build system [GNOME/gcr!11,32,33,34]
- Avoid potential 64-bit pointer aliasing alignment issues [GNOME/gcr!27, GNOME/gcr#34]
- Update README to mention correct environment variables [GNOME/gcr!25]
- build: Use sed for .desktop variables substitution [GNOME/gcr!24]
- Updated translations

https://download.gnome.org/sources/gcr/3.35/gcr-3.35.1.tar.xz (989K)
  sha256sum: 91a0acdc1e22cb1c6e886abf3297908a774382d982020bf0f8bd9dd2de579043

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