libhandy 1.0.3


- Fix build warnings with newer GCC.
- HdyActionRow:
  - Clarify hdy_action_row_get_icon_name() documentation.
- HdyCarousel:
  - Fix drawing cache invalidation on resize.
- HdyComboRow:
  - Use the right checkmark icon.
- HdyLeaflet and HdyDeck:
  - Increase the edge swipe area size.
- HdyKeypad:
  - Fix typing the '+' symbol.
- HdyPreferencesGroup:
  - Fix a memory leak when destroying the widget.
  - Don't show empty title and description when using
- HdySwipeTracker:
  - Correctly transform widget coordinates for touchpad swipes.
  - Fix a memory leak.

======== (380K)
  sha256sum: 559bb3acc2c362488917eb72ed25bdc181f4ae26ac94d177634cc5d34c867f7a

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