cantarell-fonts 0.300


- Import Greek glyph set designed by Florian Fecher for GSoC 2018. No kerning,
  might need a slight respacing. Imported anyway because someting is better than
- Correct positioning of
- Correct mark positioning in
- Correct appearance of ustraightstroke in variable font, the overlap became
  visible at smaller, autohinted sizes.
- Correct bar positioning in Ustraightstroke and ustraightstroke
- Correct anchor positioning in Y
- Internal: Consolidate various anchors in composites into the base outline
  glyphs, to reduce the chance they get out sync.
- New appstream translations:
  - Norwegian Bokmål by Kjartan Maraas
  - Bengali (India) by Akarshan Biswas
  - Portuguese by João Nuno Matos
  - Japanese by Shinichirou Yamada and sicklylife

======== (580K)
  sha256sum: 74c769f5da70edfdb1c49342ea6be1c5b082de1b9d0995056e7572e1280ef7b6

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