libxml++ 5.0.0


This is the first stable release in the libxml++-5.0 ABI series.
It is parallel-installable with the libxml++-2.6, libxml++-3.0
and libxml++-4.0 ABIs.

The tarball for 5.0.0 has been created with 'meson dist'.
If you build with Autotools from the tarball, please read
the relevant part of the README file.

* Add NMake Makefiles
  Remove Visual Studio 2010 projects
  (Chun-wei Fan) Pull request #10
* Use __declspec(dllexport) when building on Visual Studio
  Stop using gendef.exe
  (Chun-wei Fan) Pull request #15
* Add support for building with Meson
  (Kjell Ahlstedt, Chun-wei Fan) Pull request #16, #17, issue #19

=========  (6.59K)

======== (760K)
  sha256sum: 3d716f522d380ba3a78458d8994cb1ce2b618f6a2026bce63ca5c86baef3b874

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