gtk 3.99.5


Overview of Changes

* Accessibility:
 - Map presentation role according to Core-AAM
 - Use presentation role for spacers in list views
 - Set proper roles, relations and descriptions on more widgets
 - Expand the documentation
 - Use a single GTK_A11Y environment variable and document it
 - Serveral memory leak and crash fixes
 - Initialize AT contexts lazily
 - Improve the API for storing lists in relations
 - Implement more of the Component interface
 - Implement the Cache interface
 - Implement ScrollSubstringTo for GtkTextView

* Introspection:
 - Add many missing annotations to APIs
 - In particular, nullability annotation fixes for rust

* Touch support:
 - Fix issues with text handles
 - Fix interaction between touch scrolling and focus
 - Fix active state updates for touch events
 - Allow pressing buttons with multiple fingers

* GtkScrolledWindow:
 - Accumulate velocity with kinetic scrolling

* GtkSearchEntry:
 - Use a better clear icon

* GtkTreeView:
 - Remove the deprecated GtkCellRendererClass.get_size vfunc

* GtkBuilder:
 - Be stricter about <requires>
 - Make gtk-builder-tool simplify update <requires>

* GtkFileChooser:
 - Remove GtkFileChooserButton

* GtkWindow:
 - Replace gtk_window_get_size with gtk_window_get_default_size
 - Add maximized and fullscreen properties

* Make the inspector available in non-debug builds

* CSS:
 - Support conic gradients

* Adwaita:
 - Round all window corners
 - Round submenus
 - Remove the 'chin' on menus
 - Industrial style menuitems
 - Improved tooltip styling
 - Unified sidebar styles
 - Dark prelight
 - Don't backdrop labels

* GSK:
 - Rename render node apis from peek to get

* Make GLES work in the absence of GL_ARB_timer_query

* Rework the way size allocation is integrated in the
  frame cycle

* Wayland:
 - Support gtk_shell1 version 3 (startup notification
   and activation)
 - Implmement minimization

* OS X:
 - Mostly working GL renderer
 - Search engine updates
 - Fix rendering artifacts with hover transitions
 - Fix kinetic scrolling deceleration

* Windows:
 - Fix key event generation, making text input work

* Documentation:
 - Add missing enumerations, symbols and types
 - Lots of smaller fixes

* Demos:
 - Make the constraints demo more useful
 - Make search more obvious
 - Add a suggestion entry demo
 - Consistency improvements
 - Use native file choosers
 - Drop 'devel' styling

* Translation updates:

======== (18.6M)
  sha256sum: 75fc50f3704c292c414515bec206e9014a4779e668aea4dcd257d7ae41a1811e

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