gnome-chess 3.36.2


- Fix saved timed matches opening as untimed matches (#45, Amandeep Singh)
- Fix claim draw dialog appearing every turn after threefold repetition (#47)
- Fix bogus "computer player is confused" errors in several situations:
  - When the engine is stalemated
  - When starting a new game while the game is paused, if the engine has moved during pause (#49)
  - When resigning immediately before the engine moves (#49)
- Fix detection of stalled chess engine in untimed games (#54)
- Fix claim draw dialog appearing before a forced draw
- Fix ChessScene removing invalid GSource

======== (724K)
  sha256sum: e4f10f53e9d8c5c1899b5d424bf3e3aed5ab07ed95564565a8640272446054bc

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