gmime 3.2.4

About GMime

GMime is a C/C++ library which may be used for the creation and
parsing of messages using the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension
(MIME) as defined by numerous IETF specifications.


* Replaced calls to g_memmove with memmove.

    It seems that the latest versions of glib have deprecated g_memmove
    in favor of having developers use libc's memmove() function directly.
    This change reduces the number of compiler warnings during the gmime
    build process.

* Added a new GMIME_DECRYPT_NO_VERIFY flag that disables signature verification.

    For cases where it is not necessary to verify the signatures (or it is known
    that there are no signatures), making use of this flag can significantly
    improve the performance of decrypting OpenPGP content.

* Modified GMimeParser to not set the OpenPGP state for base64/uuencoded content.

    While the GMimeParser is parsing a MIME message (or other MIME entity), it will
    normally attempt to identify OpenPGP markers in the content of GMimeParts.
    However, when the content is base64 or uu-encoded, the parser is unable to
    accurately detect these markers and so in previous versions, it was falsely
    claiming that such MIME parts had no OpenPGP content even though it was possible,
    after decoding their content, that they did in fact have OpenPGP content.

    For more details about this bug, see issue #60.

* Added reporting of RFC 5322 addr-spec syntax violations to the GMimeParserWarning API.

* Fixed a stack underflow error in the uudecode.c sample.

* Improved Vala bindings.

    - Use correct symbol prefixes which avoid loads of cname attributes.
    - Unhide FilterBest.charset() method which conflicts with charset field.
    - Object.write_to_stream conflicts with function pointer with the same name
      but with a different signature.


======== (2.12M)
  sha256sum: 249ea7c0e080b067aa9669162c36b181b402f6cf6cebc4999d838c6f1e81d024

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