gnome-games 3.33.2

About Games

Games is a GNOME 3 application to browse your video games library and
to easily pick and play a game from it.


* Remove Developers view. The API used previously for this has been shut
  down, and the metadata wasn't reliable anyway.

* Add backup and restore functions.

* UI
 - List Nintendo DS shortucts in shortcuts dialog.
 - Add mnemonics to primary menu.
 - Use adaptive view switcher in collection.

* Fixes
 - Fixed error infobar being visible on empty collection screen.
 - Pressing Enter key twice immediately after starting a game from a file
   doesn't exit the game anymore.

* Various cleanups.

* Translation updates

======== (1.78M)
  sha256sum: 974db77cdc1ecc43a21c0e9d75b470eff026d2ba788698f12afddb2e9425396c

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