librsvg 2.45.6

About librsvg

librsvg is a library to render SVG documents into GdkPixbuf images or
Cairo contexts in general. It is used throughout GNOME to render
things like scalable icons, from image viewers to view SVGs easily, or
to generate thumbnails for SVG files.


- Librsvg now requires Rust 1.30.0 or later.

- Librsvg now requires Cairo 1.16.0 or later.  Thanks to
  Julian Sparber for keeping up with cairo-rs API changes.

- This version introduces librsvg_crate, an idiomatic Rust crate for
  using librsvg from Rust programs directly, without using GObject
  machinery.  This API is subject to change, but you can start using
  it now in an experimental fashion.  Thanks to Paolo Borelli and
  Jordan Petridis for fine-tuning this new API.

- All of the librsvg internals are now in Rust!  The C code is just a
  thin wrapper over Rust functions.

- The internals library has been converted to Rust 2018 (Jordan Petridis).

- Within librsvg_crate, there is a new infrastructure for doing
  reftests in Rust, that does not depend on PNG reference files.  See
  librsvg_crate/tests for details.

- This release introduces the following new APIs:

- Parsing of the "style" attribute, which has a plain list of CSS
  property declarations, is now done with rust-cssparser.
- CSS selector matching should be marginally faster than before.

- Fix Visual Studio builds (Chun-wei Fan).

- Fix #11 - Respect the "direction" property for bidirectional text (Khaled Hosny).

- Fix #295 - Ensure the initial viewport fits into temporary surfaces for compositing

- Fix #425 - Don't fail parsing if the system's locale is broken (Paolo Borelli).

- Fix #438, #443 - Don't create intermediate raster surfaces unless
  absolutely needed.  This was causing blurred output for SVGs from
  Inkscape and Illustrator, since they include an "enable-background"
  property even when there are no filters in use.  Thanks to Julian
  Sparber, Jordan Petridis, Zeeshan Ali for doing a huge "git bisect"
  to find the cause of this bug.

- Fix #443 - Fix blurry output when enable-background is used without filters.

- Fix #455 - Fix rounding error on i386 (Olivier Tilloy).

- Check for Cairo errors when constructing paths.

======== (12.2M)
  sha256sum: 0e6e26cb5c79cfa73c0ddab06808ace4d10c4a626b81c31a75ead37c6cb4df41

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