libdazzle 3.33.3

About libdazzle

libdazzle is a collection of fancy features for GLib and Gtk+ that
aren't quite ready or generic enough for use inside those libraries.
This is often a proving ground for new widget prototypes. Applications
such as Builder tend to drive development of this project.


Changes in this release:

 • libdazzle provides a backported GtkEventControllerMotion when compiled
   against GTK versions <= 3.22. This means that libdazzle now effectively
   supports 3.22 in addition to 3.24
 • libdazzle has been backported to support GLib 2.50 so that it can be used on
   older platforms
 • Various API additions to simply use from bindings
 • A new compact mode for DzlSuggestionEntry
 • Improvements to shortcut activation
 • The fuzzy highlighter has been improved to work around some embedded markup
 • Correctness fixes • The panel now has support for "needs-attention"

======== (429K)
  sha256sum: f61a697a0de43b923033884015151c12b195547863732cce056d30234a25a02f

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